Brandy Sweets
 Sensual, Safe & Satisfying

You have found me!

Naturally, a naughty tease and I have a desire to please.
Being old enough to know what you want & young enough to be what you want.
I am not perfect nor do I expect you to be.

I am proud to cater to older discerning gentlemen in many ways.
 Acceptance, Affection, Attention... 
We all crave contact and connection. Join me for a euphoric body rub session or get to know me better with a social date and more. My touch is intuitive with response to the unique cues of each individual. I am happy to discuss and accommodate many of your concerns and desires regarding these and many other subjects    

Premature Ejaculation 
Erectile Dysfunction
Inability to orgasm
Obtaining full body orgasms
Pornography  addiction
Prostate health

 Whatever the reason please have a look around and feel free to contact me with questions. Looking for more?
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 Basic disclaimer - Any money exchanged is considered for entertainment & companionship only! I am not a licensed LMT nor do I provide any medical advice or healing service. I do not promote prositution in anyway. I do strictly reserve my time & energy for proper gentlemen well over 45 only!
Thank you,