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All about me

 My appearance is just what you see in my photos, they are updated often. However,
I hear I look the same as I did 5 years ago when I started this work. After finding my niche in this industry, I have blossomed. Come and see for yourself! Recently I have taken a few workshops to refine my skills. I will continue to provide sessions while I am in school for gerontology nursing. Multifaceted, I have a background in corporate event planning, hospitality, and homemaking. 

Virgo " Their attention to detail is for a reason; To help others"

I choose to be free of cigarette's, hard drugs, hard alcohol and serious drama!  
However, I do indulge in the herbs or a nice glass of red wine occasionally.

You will not find me overbearing, please show me the same courtesy. I prefer lighter scents like lavender, baby powder, and Donna Karen's fragrance line. My style often varies but name the occasion, I will be in the appropriate attire. 

I enjoy being in my birthday suit, especially for work! 

Comfortable in my body...I am petite in size, but not in personality.
I'm confident in myself and secure in what I do.
Still, being discreet is essential! 

Proud of my all-natural body, 

straight smile & bright blue eyes

Firm & curvy hourglass figure
34" B bust & 40" hips

5' even about 120 lbs

 Sexy size small or 6 dress

 dainty size 5/35 shoe

2 tastefully placed tattoos 

I have had a life long love for the art of the Geisha & have been referred to as a Dakini healer
and naturally gifted a few times. I choose this life path as a free spirit and feel it is a good fit for me!

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