Brandy Sweets
 Personal Consultant

Naturally, I want to be sure we are both completely comfortable
 Please contact me at the bottom of the page to introduce

yourself with the information you are comfortable sharing

-Name, age & occupation
-General physical description
-Preferred contact info
-Preferred length, date & time
- Any questions or issues
-Any reference or handle info 

Social time

Break the ice for those of you that are nervous
Let’s meet for a coffee or wine and chat
Inspiration approximately 20 minutes  - 40

Enjoy a meal, outing or event with the company of a sexy woman
who is present in the moment and engaging in conversation
Always dressed for the occasion with proper manners
Encouragement One hour - 120 or  two hours  - 200

Deduct 50 from all donations below if we have met within the last 6 months


Expect to relax with a body rub as you are encouraged to
surrender completely to my firm feminine touch
sessions are done in the nude or lingerie of your choice 
Awakened Unrushed hour (receive only) - 200

More time and options for those of you not in a rush 
I prefer to induce a prolonged heightened state of  elevation 
with intensified teasing in order to relieve all your tension
Imaginative (receive only) 90 Minutes - 300 

Fantasy time

Check off your bucket list here with me 
Reverance 2 hours - 500

Dinner homemade or out with private fantasy entertainment
Influenced 3 plus hours - 700

Japanese style Private dinner booth than on to Nude Public Hot Tubs 
 followed by some Private Entertainment back at my place or your's
 Geisha Influenced  plus hours - 900

The Possibilities are almost endless 
Invigorated Overnight - 2k 

Thank you for taking your time. I ask for your patience, I should be in contact shortly.   
If I do not feel we are a good match, I will politely decline and su
ggest you find another lovely lady.