Brandy Sweets
 Safe, Sensual and Satisfying  

My sexuality is not an inferior trait
that needs to be chaperoned by emotionalism or morality - Alice Bag

Hello there! Welcome! I'm glad you stumbled upon me and took the time to read this. If we have not met before my name is Brandy. I assume you are here because you are looking for something different. I know the photos can be distracting but I truly appreciate a gentleman who can read. I am a proud country girl that genuinely enjoys bringing comfort to others in many ways. I offer safe, sensual and satisfying mutually nude body rubs as well as select kink sessions. You will find acceptance and affection with my nurturing femininity. Being receptive & responsive to the cues of individuals each session is unique for you. From head to heel you will feel my magical touch with a breathtaking finish.  

I am familiar with 

  Porn Addiction
Prostate Health
 Pressure Release
Erectile Dysfunction
Personal care/Respite
 Quick or Delayed Releas
Fulfilling "bucket list" Fantasies 

Think, when was the last time you did anything exciting and new?  
If you are feeling lonely, or perhaps just bored with the everyday routines and monotony of life, if the passion has faded, let me be your friend, your guide, your confidant. I invite you to spend some time with me at my private incall, centrally located and full of all the necessary amenities. Let me tear you away from the daily monotony. Let go and let me….        

No metaphors & No empty promises!
 Basic disclaimer - This not an offer for prostitution of any form. I am not a full-service or "Girlfriend type" provider. I am not medically licensed nor do I provide any medical advice or healing services. My time and energy are strictly reserved proper gentlemen well over 40 only. Any money exchanged will be considered a donation towards my living expenses while completing school. I will not tolerate jerks  No Solicitation! 

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