Brandy Sweets
 Safe, Sensual and Satisfying  

                   A few words from past visitors

"When your desire is for that country girl sweetness, look no further. Casual yet attentive, relaxing yet exhilarating."  Golfbuddy

"This review will only support all the wonderful present reviews to her credit-a wonderful evening spent-my 3rd visit with Brandy-needless to say the entire evening she made it about...RFun

"Brandy has been a delicious treat from start to finish. She aims to please and if you follow her direction you will not be disappointed. I was reluctant to call but as soon as I heard her voice on the phone I knew she would live up to her name. Brandy was a wise investment, I have gotten more than my return.  J

"I shared an incredible experience with this lovely lady...frequently interrupted by my breath being taken away by her ability to find just the right spots to work on, leaving every nerve tingling thru my body. I really look forward to seeing her again. She is worthy of your mature and respectful behavior." Anonymous

"After a few recent attempts to connect, we finally had the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Brandy is the real deal.  I don’t participate in this hobby that often and leave a review even less often, however, my words alone cannot express my pleasure of our time together. Between the great conversation as well as the sensual moments we shared I can honestly tell you this lady is fantastic. Brandy left me with several pleasant thoughts that will be on my mind for a long time."  Hugs, David

"I was up early (as usual) and saw Brandy's ad. A bit of communication and I was set. Got to her upscale, clean incall in the Hawthorne district. She has a separate studio room with a professional massage table and all the amenities required. Her massage skills are very good and after the flip discovered her technique on the "sensual" part of the journey is remarkable, in fact probably the best I have had in the northwest.

Definitely will repeat." DG 5-17

"Brandy was easy to contact and responded quickly. Easy setup and her place 
is pretty easy to find. Nice massage room with soft lighting. She has a nice technique and worked shoulders to feet. The flip side was just special and I finished with a nice shower, she even washed my back...how cool is that! I will be back to see her again for sure. Thanks, Brandy - you are great!!"  https://www.tnaboard.com/showthread.php?PR 3-17  


"Her skills are amazing! You have to try for yourself!"-Al

"Brandy is the real deal. A true lady that took my breath away."-Toltac 

"Don't let her innocent demeanor fool you she's a firecracker!"-KY

"The suggestions she gave me worked! Wow is all I can say. I wish I could see this girl more often."- Dan

"She provided the perfect combination of assertive confidence and compassion allowing me to fully express myself. Bonus her strength was a pleasant unexpected surprise."-AGuy